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She brings joy to everyone´s life. Shows how anyone can be anything, anywhere. She breathes happiness and love.


She is discreet and the richest of souls. Inner and outer beauty is her strength. Her laughter is contagious.


She is a fighter, always sharing her beliefs and passions. A soul filled with energy and love. Spreads laughter and smiles wherever she goes.


She is quietly stunning, a beauty with a strength that few have. Reliability is what defines her.


She is a dreamer and an achiever. Has a unique beauty. An amazing actress. Creativity is her word.


She is confident and grounded. A great sense of humour, hard and cold.  A charismatic and honest soul not often found.


Meet MAF – She loves unicorns and is a dreamer. She loves to laugh and be around the ones she loves. A huge and pure heart.

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