My name is Joana Reid de Lacerda. I am a Jewellery Designer.

My close friends call me “Jo”. Reid is my middle name, passed on to me by my grandfather Robin. He was a man who showed me how to look at nature, look beyond its roots, leaves, shapes and colours, when we care for nature and treat it with our hands and hearts, something new is born.

After working for some of the most important brands, designing and developing jewellery and accessories worn by many, I took some time off to reconnect with myself. And I found myself in the root of what is natural, I photographed nature in it’s most beautiful form, through the eyes of the people I encountered, in the shades of the leaves that have not yet fallen.

Nature is not just what we see. We have to watch it. Look deep into it. My jewellery is rooted in nature. The pieces show how observing it, has transformed my inner me. By wearing my jewellery, I hope to bring out your beautiful nature.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact me through the form on this page. You can also send me an email to